Advantages of wig laces

It has been adopted by the greatest stars. Lace swing has many advantages. Come on, we'll tell you everything.

-She won't break her hair.

The lace wig It is composed of natural hair and is placed on a Tulle veil. Therefore, it will not put pressure on the scalp and protect your real hair, because your hair will be covered by a wig.

-She couldn't notice.

Through the tulle support, lace wig or a very cautious result, quietly marry your skull. Unlike weaving, it also allows lines to be drawn, which will enhance the natural rendering of lines.

-It can be kept for a long time.

The frenulum wig falls off every night. If it is well maintained, it can be kept for 2 to 3 years. To do this, consider undoing it regularly and storing it on a bracket to prevent dust. One ful lace wif sticks to the head for up to 8 weeks (then needs to be removed and let the scalp breathe).

-It allows you to change your mind at will.

With wig lace, you can easily change your head without touching your natural hair. After completing the radical coloring, you can now test all the hair colors of your dreams. You can also change the texture with wavy, curly, or straight wigs.

-She combs her hair easily.

The full lace wig covers the whole head, allowing you to realize all your dream hairstyles: high and large ponytail, oversized horseshoes... All fantasies are allowed!

-She is a versatile person.

It is entirely possible to exercise and go to the beach or swimming pool with your all-round lace wig without risk of taking off (just use waterproof glue).

So, what are you waiting for to adopt him?