Maintain curly hair

Curly hair is usually fragile and requires special care. So look at all our suggestions for headwear.

Correct cleaning

Hair or Curly wig Easy to dry, so it is recommended to wash with a very moisturizing shampoo, which is suitable for your hair type. However, avoid washing your hair every day to prevent it from drying: two to three times a week is enough. Apply shampoo only to the scalp (then apply shampoo to the scalp with water), gently massage and rinse. Wipe your hair with a sponge towel and let it dry.

Tip: when curly hair is still wet, rub it with your fingers to make it bigger.

Replenish water regularly

The secret of beautiful curly hair? Hydration! Therefore, consider taking a nourishing mask or oil bath once a week (for best results, it can be placed for a few hours or a whole night). You can also use nourishing serum made of olive oil, almond, coconut oil or shea butter.

Nursing brush

To untie curly hair, put the brush aside (which may break your length), preferably with a large tooth comb (wood or horn). If the knot is elastic, loosen it gently by hand if necessary.

Tips: Tie your mane to your ponytail or loose horseshoes to sleep. This prevents the pillow from being damaged by friction.

Massage scalp

Scalp massage helps stimulate root circulation and keep hair healthy and bright. This will be an ideal choice for you to relax all day.