Weaving or lace swinging: what to choose?

Do you hesitate between weaving, front lace up and full lace up? Understand the advantages of each wig!

Lace front swing

Adopted by stars such as Tara banks or Beyonce, the lace wig It is an undetectable wig with a Tulle base fixed to the forehead. It can be placed directly at home (using wig gel or clip) in less than an hour. Its strong fasteners allow you to wear it all day, exercise and even sleep. The clamp type can also be easily removed and reinstalled: it is convenient for you to replace the head at any time!

Full lace wig

The full lace wig the working principle is the same as the front yaw, but it is fixed around the head. With the perfect large mane and 100% natural appearance, it allows you to do high hair, such as ponytail or French fries (avoid with front lace to avoid exposing fixing points). It can be extended for 6 to 8 weeks and has less traction on the hair because it is distributed throughout the skull.


Theweaven Includes sewing extensions (previously woven or glued) to your natural hair. It's easier to access than wig laces, and it'll be firmly fixed to your skull against all weather. There are several ways to set the weaving posture: for example, half head weaving can increase the volume of your natural hair, while closed weaving can cover the whole hair and let you test the new color.

Tips: Weaving needs more technology to complete, so please consult professionals at any time.