Choose your wig

You have decided to buy your first wig but do not know which to choose? Discover all our advice!

Define your style

Your wig must be adapted to the use you want to do. For example, would you like to change the head radically or simply add volume to your hair? Do not have to do your brushing in the morning? (In this case opt for a wavy and synthetic wig) test capillary eccentricities without touching your natural hair? (then choose a natural wig, which you can style when you use)

Trick : A wig is also an ideal opportunity to offer you a new color. If you feel a bold mood you can even opt for shaded or colored locks (red, purple or blue) for a worthy look of Katy Perry or Ariana Grande.

Choose your fixation

A good wig should not only allow you to feel beautiful but must also be comfortable to wear. For a light and comfortable port, we recommend our tulle wigs (or Wig lace) These have a cap covered with a slight transparent film for a discrete and natural port. You can then choose between a front lace wig (which adheres to the forehead) or Full Lace (fixed on the whole head, for a stronger support). These have the advantage of being undetectable and not to damage the hair since the fasteners are not directly in contact with your roots.

Complete wig or Pothe?

For a radical head change, a complete wig will be your best ally. However, if you want to wear a longer ponytail or add some colorful locks to your mane, why not opt ​​for one of our ponytail ? Ready to use, these can easily be attached to your bun or ponytail. What to be the queen of the evening!