Which posture technique do you choose when weaving?

There are several ways to set a weaving  Understand our suggestions and choose the one that suits you best.

Half head weaving

This technique is ideal if you want to easily increase the volume on your mane. It's cheap, but it needs to choose a knitting method suitable for your hair. To do this, the upper part of your hair (between your forehead and ears) is isolated and the rest is woven. Then sew your braid on the braid and cover it with your natural hair. In this way, you will get a very natural rendering that is well suited to highlight your length.

Tips: Comb your natural hair back with a little wax to keep your hair neat.

Closed weaving

Closed braiding includes covering the entire scalp. To do this, make an electroplated braid over your entire head and sew your braid on it. This technique requires some skills, so it's best to find a professional to do this pose. The advantage of closed knitting is that it allows you to completely change your head (choose another color, smooth, curly hair, etc.), and it also protects your natural hair and scalp from daily attacks.

Tips: Be careful not to sew the braid too tightly, so as not to make the scalp fragile.


Closure includes the use of tulle (or lace wig) This looks natural on your hair. This wig shoelace is easy to place. It has less pressure on the head than the shoelaces woven in Brazil, but it is also a little expensive.