Hair wax temporary colouring


Put color in your hair!
With this styling coloring hair wax you can change the color of your hair at will. In a single gesture, you bring a unique style to your hairstyle.
Safe for your hair, the colored wax is easily washed off.
Suitable for both women and men, regardless of your hair length.

  • Headgear and colour in one pass
  • Intense colour
  • Natural matte appearance
  • Eliminates by washing
  • Long-lasting hairstyle
  • Easy to use, the wax is applied with your fingers on a few strands or all over the hair
  • 9 colours to choose from (grey, white, blue, purple, red, green, gold, black, orange)
  • 120 g pot


Apply to dry or slightly wet hair.
Take with your fingers a small amount of wax from the pot, spread it over your palm, apply it to the locks of hair you want to color.
Style your hair as you would with your regular styling wax.