A dream hair with the braid hook

The braid hook is a new technique of laying wicks that allows you to obtain a superb mane without damaging the scalp. For more information, follow the guide.


What is the braid hook?

The braid hook is a protective headgear that consists of sliding breccia bends in two under your natural hair (which you have braided in advance). The result is very natural and will exert less pressure on the scalp than a Weaving Classic. You can do it at home (with some training) or in a professional.


How do I make a braid hook?

To put your braid hook, pass a moisturizing cream hazel in your hair and then make plated braids on the whole head. Fix them with a needle and wire. Then enter your hook, go under a braid and then hang up a Strand On the hook. Then gently remove the hook in order to pass the wick under the braid. Be careful, the wick should not go out completely but form a loop. Pass the tip of the wick in the loop to fix it, then gently tighten. Repeat the operation to cover the entire head (making sure to leave a bit of space between each strand). Your new mane can hold up to a month and will protect your natural hair from the weather.

Tip: Adapt the texture of the wicks according to your desires. Lisses, closures or wavy ... there is no shortage of possibilities!


How do I maintain the braid hook?

To maintain your braid hook, regularly moisturize your wicks and cover a satin scarf to sleep. Gently disentangle them with your fingers and a little non-greasy mixing water. And to wash them, nothing like a dry shampoo!