How to set up a lace wig?

Lightweight, stylish and undetectable, lace wig It's the wig queen. So let's see how to put it away.

Get your hair ready

It's important to smooth your hair before you wear a wig. This can be achieved by making electroplated pads or using wig covers. For a more natural rendering, consider leaving two free wicks in the front of the head: these wicks will be used to hide the edges of wig laces. Apply wig gel. Clean the skin with cotton soaked in preservative solution to remove impurities (this will make the glue adhere better). Then apply some moisturizing cream around the scalp to prevent irritation. Now you can apply the gel around your scalp with a small cosmetic brush. Please note that there are different types of glue: choose a type suitable for your skin (greasy, dry, sensitive, etc.) and let it dry for a few minutes.

Put the wig down

Take your wig out of its package and shake it gently to make it bigger. Then put it on your head and adjust it so that the laces overlap with the glue. This step may require some practice, so please don't hesitate. When the wig is down, compress the edge down with a fine comb. Make sure the lace is flat (natural effect) and let the lace dry for about 15 minutes. Put a little serum on the rest of your hair and put them in the back so that they can mix with your wig.

Tips: Apply a little liquid dye to the lines of wig to complete the illusion.