Some hairstyles to make with your wig

It is quite possible to comb your wig. Here are some tendencies and easy to achieve with a natural or synthetic Wig.


Glamors and feminine, braids are ideal for highlighting long hair. They can easily be made with your lace wig or your weaving For a 100% natural rendering.

Trick : Slightly curl your wig with a curling iron before coiffing to get more volume. Attention, this technique is only for use with natural hair.

-The bun

Elegant and easy to do, the bun is the ideal hairstyle for hurried mornings. To realize it, gently unravel your wig, using an adapted detailed spray if needed. Isolate a wick with a few inches of thickness and grasp the rest in a ponytail you will wind on itself. Attach your bun with an elastic and wrap the remaining wick around it to conceal it. Attach everything using pins and a little wig lacquer.

Trick : If you wear a lace forehead wig we recommend that you priorit the low hairstyles so as not to reveal the demarcation with your hair.


For an ultra glamorous hairstyle, opt for a Ponytail This will allow you to get a dense and voluminous horse tail, worthy of the biggest American stars. To put it, attach your natural hair to a high ponytail (placing the base well with a little gel). Plant the pins of your hairpiece above your elastic, enter a wick of a few inches of thickness and wrap around the fasteners to hide them. Attach everything with bun pins and the turn is played!