Protect your hair when you make sports

You can quite play sports with a weavingor a Wig lace. To preserve all the beauty of your hair, however, here are some tips.


Adopt good hairstyle

Did you know that perspiration contains salt that can gradually dry the hair? To protect your mane the ideal is therefore to opt for a protective hairstyle as a ponytail, a bun or a braid. To avoid breakage, use elastics covered with fabric (and non-rubber). You can also wear a sports banner, very convenient to take up your hair and absorb sweating. Give it with your outfit for a very trendy retro look.

Trick : Regularly wash your headband to prevent bacteria from being accumulated.


Pamper your mane

Once your sports session is complete, the ideal is to wash your hair with a sulphate-free shampoo. If you do sports regularly, however, avoid washing the hair every day (it may grease them) and simply rinse your lengths between each wash. Also think about detaching your hair and spend a brush after they are dry. CAUTION: Never brush a wet or wet wig.

Apply a moisturizing mask about once a week: it will hydrate and feed your hair in depth. If you have a gray scalp or fragile hair you can also turn to the white clay, perfect to give tone and shine to your mane without irritating it. Trick : Avoid dry shampoo that freezes perspiration in the hair.