Smooth frizzy hair with silk press

No need to go through aggressive straightening: The Silk Press allows you to smooth the Afro hair without deteriorating. You are told all about this new designer hair smoothing technique.


The Silk Press, what is it?

The Silk Press is a reversible and binding smoothing method for frizzy hair. It allows to obtain smooth hair and as sweet as silk without damaging their natural structure.


How to make a silk press?

To make a silk press it is essential to prepare your hair beforehand. Give them a good bath of vegetable oil (olive, coconut, jojoba etc.) and make a clarifying shampoo to rid them all their impurities.

Then apply a silicone-enriched after-shampoo to feed the deep capillary fiber and can easily unravel your lengths. Once your hair clean and dry, unravel them carefully with a big teeth comb. If nodes are resistant, do not pull! Just defeat them gently by hand.

Finally, apply a thermo-protective treatment to silk proteins on your lengths and have a ceramic plate straightener that you will pass in your wick lengths. This step will ask for time: so you patience, do not hesitate to ask for help with a friend if necessary.

Trick : Use a thin tooth comb to hold and unravel the locks while you jumble.


Maintain your smoothing

Your Silk Press can last up to two to three weeks as long as you do not wet the hair. To maintain it, regularly hydrate your hair with a nourishing serum and attach a silk scarf around your head before going to sleep: it will avoid friction against the pillow. With all that, to you the mane dream!