Wipe the brush clean

In order to keep your wig in good condition, your hair brush must be in good condition. So here's how to take care of this.


Remove dust

In order to give your wig bristles, it is recommended to use a picot brush (preferably a metal brush to avoid static electricity). But be careful: if you let dirt accumulate there, it will soon become a nest of bacteria! Therefore, to clean your brush, first remove dust and hair regularly. You can walk between woodpeckers by hand or with a comb.


Cleaning picot brush

In order to keep the PICOT brush in perfect condition, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned (about twice a month). To do this, pour four to five tablespoons of baking soda into a liter of warm water, let the brush soak for about an hour, and then let it dry all night. Wipe the bottom of the woodpecker with an old toothbrush, clean up the dirt, and you can play!

Tips: You can use white vinegar instead of baking soda (the amount is equal to water).


Cleaning soft brush

To clean the pig brush, soak it in warm water and use some shampoo. Gently wipe the hair with your fingers, rinse and dry. Cleaning the comb cleaning the comb, there is nothing simpler than this: soak it in warm water with bleach for an hour, rinse it thoroughly and wipe it!

Tips: Also consider cleaning your rubber bands, hairpins, makeup brushes, etc.