Wig or weave?

The wig 



Wigs cover your hair, which means you can rely on them to protect your hair from damage. Wearing a wig prevents heat, weather and dirt from ruining your natural hair or hairstyle. At the same time, they'll protect you from damage caused by heated splints.





Weaves are artificial or natural hair extensions that are attached to human hair by sewing, gluing or cutting. Today, weaves are one of the basic types of hair extensions popular with black women. Unlike clip-in hair extensions, which can be removed daily, weaves can last for weeks. Hair weaves are different from wigs. Instead of covering the hair like a wig, the braid is sewn directly into the natural hair, enhancing and beautifying it.


In conclusion, choosing between wigs and hair weaves can be important. They all offer incredible benefits. However, they target different audiences.