How to choose the right wig for your head shape?

Okay girls, we've always had a bit of a complex about the optical effect a haircut can have on our face.

We've all lamented how our faces get longer when we put on a 26-inch lace, then cried because we look like a horse:

- So first of all, don't let negative thoughts define you, you're beautiful just the way you are.

- Secondly, don't stress! It's totally normal to feel that a wig makes your head look longer and shorter. The brain has a tendency to exaggerateand you simply haven't taken your head's morphology into account. Because yes, for a 100% successful pose, your head shape has to match your wig.

What's my head shape? How do I choose? 


No need to panic! Miami Hair Shop Got your back !


The different morphologies


As you can see, there are different facial morphologies, It's important for you to define your own. Fortunately, Miami Hair Shop offers you THE guide and recommendations to help you find what you're looking for!

Let's start with harmonious faces round :

You'll recognize yourself especially if your face has broad cheekbones and sharp angles (on the jawline, for example).

Miami Hair Shop recommendations:

For you, we recommend smooth wigsideally shoulder-length, to soften your face and add symmetry!

For our queens with faces oval :

Almost any cut will suit you! Oval faces are characterized by a broad forehead and a narrower chin, and are generally longer.

Miami Hair Shop recommendations:

We recommend that you go wild and test everything that catches your eye until you find the perfect wig for you!

For this week, we'll finish with the magnificent elongated faces :

This face is often badly highlighted by its wearers, which is a pity, because the elongated face (which is recognized mainly by its shape, very similar to the oval face, but with a narrower chin) if it avoids long, smooth cuts, it will save itself from excessive elongation of the face. 

Miami Hair Shop recommendations:

To shorten the face, we'd advise you to opt for wigs that go all the way to the shorter shoulders would also be perfect! Graduated wigs or wigs with several colors!



And that's all for today!

Don't worry about our Queens with rectangular, hexagonal, square and triangular faces! Next week, we'll be back to give you tips specially adapted to your type!

We look forward to hearing from you! Take advantage of our 15% discount on the whole site! and find the wig that's right for you, for less!