All you need to know about ponytails


Ponytails are hairpieces made of human or synthetic hair. They're easy to wear and give you a natural hairstyle. You can easily put on your own ponytails, in just a few minutes.


The most important criterion in your choice is similarity. Use ponytails that are similar to your natural hair. This helps blend the ponytail with your natural hair.
Choose a ponytail that will help give your hair the most natural look, making it undetectable.


Before wearing a drawstring ponytail, be sure to wash and moisturize your hair properly. This is important because you'll be attaching the outer hair to your natural hair. Washing your hair helps keep the strands healthy and strong, and minimizes any wear and tear on the hair when the extensions are worn.


Miami hair offers quality ponytails. If you're planning to style your ponytail, our extensions give you the freedom to heat style them however you like!

In this video, Alicia shows you how to set your ponytail without wasting any time!