Synthetic or natural weave: what to choose?

Both synthetic and natural weaves have their advantages and disadvantages. Find out how to choose hair additions that are suitable for your needs.

Synthetic weaving: the best value for money

Light and pleasant to wear, the synthetic weaving will bring you a long dream at a low price. Very close to natural hair, synthetic extensions will also blend perfectly into your mane while keeping their shape in all circumstances. Whether you want to keep smooth hair or large ripples, synthetic additions are therefore made for you. Please note that synthetic weaving is more fragile than the Remy Hair extensions (natural weavings) and will have to be coiffed delicately to avoid nodes. Even if our wigs are of high quality, we recommend that you do not expose your hair to heat (hair dryer, water vapor etc. ), at the risk of damaging your lengths.

Natural weaving: durable and versatile lengths

Ours weaving Remy Hair are 100% natural extensions of the highest quality possible. Composed of real hair, these will blend perfectly into your mane and can be colored, smoothed and curly in all ease: perfect if you like to vary hairstyles! Easy to coiff these will require as much less maintenance time as their synthetic sisters and last longer (up to eight months). Note that synthetic additions can however be distorted by moisture and are more sensitive to brushing.

And to find the weavings you need to rendezvous on Miami Hair Shop! Our wide range of weavings, wigs and postichs will ensure you find your dream length.