A few tricks to camouflage your lace

The lace base of our lace allows to give the impression that it is your real hair. To accentuate the illusion, here are some tricks.

Adjust the tulle of your wig

The Lace wig has a base of invisible tulle that will give the impression that your new mane emerges from your head. For a perfect illusion, however, think of cutting the lace that goes beyond the turn of your wig, leaving one to two millimeters of margin (essential so that it stays in place). You are with a custom-adjusted wig, which you can wear throughout the day.

Use baby hair

The baby hair is fine and wavy wicks that adorn the edge of your face. So before you put your wig, think about pointing out these. Once your wig is in place, keep your hair slightly backward to mix with the rest of your hair. Guaranteing illusion!

Tip: Use a toothbrush and a small amount of lubricating product to put your hair in excess. This will make it possible to harmonise them with the rest of the wig.

Draw your line well

Once your wig has been raised, slightly dismiss your Closure At the line level to enlarge it, then apply a little background of liquid complexion (of the same color as your skin).

Tip: Use a tweezers to remove some hair at the line from a dry blow. This will accentuate the natural effect of your lace.

Don't forget the comb

A wig with a natural look is a well-maintained wig! So remember to gently untangle it with a wide-toothed comb and store it in your closet (on a bead to a wig) when you are not wearing it. This will prevent it from taking the dust.