Which wig should I choose for chemotherapy?

Hi, girls!

You need to know that during chemotherapy, you can totally choose THE wig that's right for you ! And in this article, we teach you how.

Never forget that when you try on a wig, first impressions are the most important. It doesn't matter if you've had short, dark hair before, if you now you feel transformed with your long, wavy blond hair, keep it up.

It's time to explore and discover!

If you look at yourself and have an idea or something you've always wanted to discover by looking at a wig, it's made for you!. This is the first and indisputable rule when choosing a wig:  a perfect wig is one that's made just for youfor your well-being. If you like the way it looks, other people will too! Here you'll find :

- natural wigs : discover our different natural wigs by clicking here.


- wigs in synthetic hair : discover our different synthetic wigs by clicking here.

The most comfortable choice Miami has to offer Hair Shop would be headband wigs ! Simple and quick to put on, you won't need any glue and you can just slip it on and live your best day!

We hope you enjoyed this article and we'll see you all next week!