Autumn-winter hairstyle trends 2021

Want a makeover? So discover the hairstyles tendencies of this winter.

Half high tail

Having already rage in the stars like Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner the half high ponytail is suitable for all types of faces and is very simple to achieve. To adopt it, divide your hair into two parts (one high and a bass) and attach the upper part with an elastic. Work the lengths with a smooth iron and apply a little gloss serum on your skull to eliminate frizz.

Trick : This hairstyle will be perfect to achieve with a weaving For an ultra long and voluminous effect.

The colorful wi lace

What's better to hunt winter gray than a high-color hair? To adopt the mane trend of unicorn without touching your natural hair so opt for a wig shadow lace. You can even match the color of your wig to your outfit or makeup: the opportunity to let your creativity speak.

The rhinestone bar

Formerly discreet, the bar is available today in all its forms. To prepare the holidays, bet on a rhinestone strip, perfect to put your lengths in value.


Popularized by Kim Kardashian, Cornrows (or Boxer Braids) are plated braids made on each side of the skull. To achieve this trendy hairstyle, unraveling your hair and trace a line in the middle. Then enter a wick on the top of your skull, divide it in three and make a plated braid by gradually adding hair to your strands. Tighten regularly to get a uniform rendering and attach it all with discrete elastic. And to help you, video demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wplpfatphcw