How to wash a wig

In order to keep the wig at the top, it is important to wash your hair regularly. So look at all our suggestions.

Wash your natural wig

Even if it's made of real human hair, Natural wig Special maintenance required! To wash this, dilute a special wig shampoo hazelnut in a warm water basin. Soak your wig in it without rubbing your fingers and let it stand for about 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and then operate again with shampoo (also a special wig). Be careful, it is important not to leave any product traces in wig, otherwise grease may be caused.

Once your wig is clean, gently wipe it with a sponge towel and shake it to make it look bigger. Let it dry and put it on the wig holder (or your shower head, if any): this will restore it to its original state. In the storeroom, put it in the closet (on the wig rack) to prevent dust from entering.

Tips: Wash about every two weeks wig.

Wash your artificial wig

One Artificial wig Wash like a natural wig, but use cold water instead of warm water. The advantage of warm water is to maintain the shape after cleaning, but be careful: do not use the source of heating equipment (hair dryer, iron) on the wig to avoid damaging the wig. To dry your synthetic wig, let it lie on the wig all night. Then you just give her a brush in the morning and she can use it!

Tips: Comb your wig with a brush. This will be the most suitable for preserving synthetic materials.