How do you maintain and fit your synthetic wig?

Why choose a synthetic wig ?

Choosing a wig with 100% synthetic hair means choosing a model that's easy to maintain and more economical than natural or semi-natural hair.


Wash your synthetic wig :

 Allow around 20 minutes. We recommend washing once every 10 days.

First, detangle your hair with an appropriate brush or comb.

Next, you can prepare a bath in a basin or sink and pour in a dab of shampoo.

Make sure you don't leave your hair to soak for more than 10 minutes, as this can damage the fiber. Rinse your wig thoroughly to remove all soap residues.

Then repeat the operation with balsam conditioner. Then wring out your hair thoroughly.

Gently pat dry with a towel. Don't brush your wig until it's completely dry. Leave it on a wig stand overnight to dry completely.

The next morning, for example, you can spray on the conditioning spray to protect your wig from all external aggressions: UV and pollution.


Here's a tutorial showing you how to apply your wig. synthetic wig