How to cut Tulle from your tie

In order to keep your lace from being found, it is essential to cut the tulle well. So look at all our suggestions.

Undetectable basis

Wig lace has a very light Tulle base that covers the boundary between your wig and real hair. Very thin, it allows the scalp to breathe and allows you to adjust your custom wig and cut shoelaces according to your needs.

How do I cut it?

Cut off your tulle lace wig Start by putting the wig on your head and pull your hair back with a pin. This avoids inadvertent cutting of wires. Then cut your hair with sharp scissors. Be careful, these must be sharpened to avoid damaging the tulle. Starting from the center, cut the tulle over the forehead towards the temple (follow the natural shape of wig). Consider leaving a margin of two to three millimeters: this will camouflage your wig. In order to increase the natural effect, do not cut directly, but do some small zigag movements. If you are not sure whether to cut, leave slightly more clearance than required before making adjustments.

Then repeat the process on your ears, paying attention to cleaning your hair in advance.

If you wear full lace wig (Tulle covers the whole head) the neck also needs to be cut. To do this, hold the wig in one hand and cut the tulle along the hairline. Leave a gap slightly larger than the front (approx. 4-5 mm) and adjust as required.

Tips: Retain excess Tulle for adhesion testing.